Fort to fort trail. Original pastel landscape painting in a modern impressionistic style.


Gouache and Soft pastels on Pastelmat paper (360 g/m2)

28×38 cm (Unframed)

This painting depicts a landscape I saw in 2019 while walking on the Fort to Fort Trail in Langley, BC, Canada.
After finishing the painting I booked a ticket to Vancouver. Painting it made me realize I wanted to go back to see the part of my family that live there and to see and paint more of those majestic landscapes.

For this artwork I used a mixed media technique. First I dropped a lose layer of gouache on the background, I let it dry and painted on top of it with soft pastels taking care of covering the underpainted areas with complementary colours (a blue sky painted on orange, dark green trees area painted on a bright pink underlayer, and so on). The result is a much livelier composition that does better justice to the complexity of our colours perception.

For all my paintings I use only light-fast colours, which means that they are guaranteed to maintain their vibrance in time.

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