About Cecilia

I grew up in Rome Italy, where I studied piano and Linguistics. In 2004 I moved to The Netherlands for a study exchange at the University of Amsterdam. Since then I have been living in Amsterdam. In 2006 and 2009 I had my children, Alice and Thomas. In may 2021 I got married with a wonderful person and artist, Thomas Schmall (you can check his amazing work at www.oxpal.com). Together with him and my children we moved in the same month to Landsmeer, a picturesque village in the shadow of Amsterdam. From our studio in the attic we work side by side at the strenuous but exciting endeavour of making a living of our art.

In time I came to embrace the changing nature of my (creative) calls and quit the chimera of a straight line connecting all of my experiences. My life feels to me like a river’s delta: a body of water carving its apparently random course into the soil, by splitting over and over into a multitude of smaller rivers that will eventually all flow down to the sea.

For the first time in my life I find myself in the position to devote most of my time to creative expression. Obviously I take this opportunity with both hands, not just as a dream coming true, but as an urgent call that can’t be ignored nor delayed.


Evolutionary timeline from sun to fish (needlefelted)

In my artistic journey I have been exploring and playing with different mediums: watercolours, gouache, ink, collage, oil pastels, wax pastels, pastel pencils, coloured pencils, acrylic, polymer clay, yarn and others. During the last 5 years I thought I had settled for felt-pictures making (with wool and other fibers). Working with wool, I could confer a 3D and tactile dimension to my drawings. I made some commissioned works and kept exploring in directions of my own.
In the last year, a rapid succession of events (Covid-19, a move to a bigger house with a studio, my wedding and a cancer diagnose) changed the course of many things in my life, including my medium of choice. That is now pastels. I am absolutely in love with the richness of pigments, the vast array of different sorts of pastels that are available and the expressive possibilities they allow.

In my paintings and in the process that leads to them I pour my whole soul and a lot of my resources. Every person I reach with my work feels like a miracle and fills me with gratitude. Art is my way to connect at a deep and yet immediate level with my fellow human beings (the receivers of my paintings) and with nature (through the creation process).

I’m fascinated by nature and its constant change and motion. Nature is the place where time unfolds, absurdity makes sense, where morale is suspended, where nothing is wasted, where beauty is constant and we are a part of it.

I paint what moves me and what feels compelling. Sometimes I don’t even fully comprehend what draws me towards a subject, I just feel the urge to explore it. Water is a recurrent theme in my work.

In conclusion I would like to add that art is the only thing I can possibly honestly do right now. It allows me to be without compromising, to tell what I can’t say and share with the world my ever changing inner perception.

Moving on (wool and silk fibers mounted on a berch branch)